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News and updates and things that are fun to know:



-Proud to contribute to a great blog for creative women, Ms in the Biz!  Read my first post here:
-I produced this parody!  We love our iPhones.


-New year, new Reel:

-Sometimes, you just want to quit your crappy job:
-Watch as I stump Los Angelinos in three new Walmart spots!
-I'm officially SAG/AFTRA-e.  Rock on.


​-More travel for a confidential commercial campaign! Helllooo Seattle and Washington, DC!


​-Watch how I die in this fun new comedy short!


-Shot a great 50's era hair shoot with Sina Araghi Photography and Luxe Salon!


-Booked a national commercial and a 3 day shoot with Vimby! 


-Cast in hilarious new webseries, "Dad on Avail"!
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